Level 2 electrical work requires an exceptional touch and a high level of respect for customers, and their homes.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade or move existing switchboard in your home, or you’re in need of more power supply demand, our professional, skilled Level 2 electricians can do the work for you.

At Stafford Electrical, our electricians are punctual, knowledgeable, skilled in various areas, timely, accurate, efficient trouble-shooters, detail-oriented and tidy.

We’re aware that every work is unique and we use state-of-the-art design, safety standards, and technology to ensure that everything works as fine as it should.

There’s nothing worse than having your power and lights go down. One minute everything is working perfectly and the next you find yourself without power.

When you discover that your fridge is unfreezing and you can’t heat some leftovers in the microwave for the kids, then it’s time to call Stafford Electrical.

Our ASP Level 2 electricians are fully qualified, licensed and capable of performing a range of Level 2 electrical services such as:

  • Switchboard upgrade
  • Switchboard relocation
  • Switchboard metering installation
  • Switchboard maintenance, upgrade and replacement
  • Service overhead disconnection & connection
  • Service underground disconnection & connection
  • Temporary Power board supply
  • Defect notice from Ausgrid or Endeavour Energy
  • Solar System installed but no metering
  • Off-peak hotwater metering
  • Consumer main upgrade

These are just a some of our Level 2 services at Stafford Electrical; if you’re after anything else don’t hesitate to contact us. Our electricians are available from 7am-5pm and 6 days a week.

No matter the kind of job, you can trust us to offer a cost-effective and professional solution.

Our experienced and certified electricians have worked in small business locations, office spaces, restaurants, retail buildings, and many other dedicated commercial spaces. If you need any of these electrical services, then don’t hesitate to reach out to Stafford Electrical today.